Week 4: Dissemination.

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A baby iguana, with a very long tail
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This week, the Digital Scholar looks at a key aspect of scholarship, dissemination. Weller starts off considering the “long tail” – initially looking at how that can lead to opportunities in personal life – though the example given of online music sales vs. high street music shops is largely now a difference that doesn’t exist, due to the changing nature of the music market. It is, however, still recent enough that most readers should relate to the example.

He then moves to scholarship, and how we might disseminate it. In a similar vein to previous weeks, the focus is on collaborative “Web 2.0” (S0cial Media) approaches to dissemination. Some of these are similar to those that were noted as being a way to engage with other researchers (such as blogging), while others look more at tools that are more aimed at distribution, such as YouTube.

At the end of this week’s exercises is the first of the formal tests – one that counts towards the final badge. Don’t worry, you can have more than one go if you need to!

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