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Looking at different criteria.

We are planning a number of Learning X sessions this semester.

Web based sessions.

These sessions are formed by having a series of web posts during a single week on a particular theme.

  • January 22nd – 26th
    #creativeHE – to tie in with a session that’s being run by a number of others across the UK – encouraging us to think about how we might engage creatively with students. As the Google+ introduction says “Creativity will help us get through the bad times and create good times!”
  • February 5th – 9th 
    Innovative Assessments – how can we be innovative in the way we assess students.

In March, we’ll be starting to think about the upcoming academic year, and how you can start to look at the way your modules are structured online. It’s going to be more, though, than just combining the Module Makeover and Searching, Using and Sharing sessions we did last year, we hope to go into far more depth.

Live Sessions.

We have a number of live sessions, mostly linked to related Learning X online sessions


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