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We have 2 live sessions planned to accompany #creativeHE.

In each, we’ll make time for people to speak about ideas they’ve had as a result of the activities they’ve done so far in the session = and start to develop networks across the University that you may find useful for gathering more ideas. Given the nature of these sessions, we’ll make them a drop in sessions, so come for as long or as short as you want.

We’ll meet in the Strawberry bank ideas lab – I’ve got it booked from 2-4, but, rather than using the whole room, we’ll just use the two tables at the right hand end as you enter (i.e. where the main display is) – unless there are lots of people – in which case we can spread!

The 2 sessions are:

[calendar id=”26867″]

2 thoughts on “#creativeHE

  1. Dear Emma – it is so cool to see that you are running F2F sessions to accompany #creativeHE this week!! It would be great if you could post something about that in the Google+ group – it could inspire other people to do the same…
    A colleague and I have previously run a drop-in Play with Paper and Paint workshop in #creativeHE week … what we sadly notice here is that people are getting busier and busier with heavier and heavier workloads and hence less and less time for some of the fun stuff that gives us new ideas as it refreshes our souls!

  2. Hi Sandra
    It would have been even better if I’d managed to get the calendar to show properly when I wrote this post … I have now fixed that! Unfortunately no-one came today, but maybe more will next week!

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