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Lots of recyclable items
Shared on Pixabay with a CC0 licence.

Today’s #creativeHE activity is to design a game to help students with induction.

If you caught the announcement they made on Friday (I’m afraid I didn’t) you’ll see they suggested that you collect lots of (clean) recycling.

For the rest of the week, the outline (shared in Friday’s post) is

  • Day 1 Creative induction, introductions: belonging
  • Day 2 Spicing up learning in the classroom (campus-based, blended and fully online)
  • Day 3 Extending creative learning outside the classroom
  • Day 4 Assessment and feedback that works (better)?
  • Day 5 Reflecting on the week and moving forward.

Feel free to share your ideas for induction – maybe thinking about what creative ideas you could bring in to expand what you currently do; perhaps you might even get an idea from reading others’ comments on how we might use the recycling materials!

Alternatively, do the suggested texts give you ideas for other game based activities in your teaching?

If you are a student, what information do you wish you’d been told in induction week? Which bits of information could have been left till a bit later in the term? Could you think of a playful way to introduce it?


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