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Final Steps

Steppingstones – Day 7: Final Steps

At this point you may have a draft piece of content, a finished design or you may still want to refine your ideas. Once you have a solid design plan or a first draft you can review what you have created to avoid any mishaps later. Often it can help to have a short break from working on your content and come back to it to review it.

Other than reviewing the design principles we have mentioned, you may also want to consider:

  • Is the piece visually engaging? Is it too visually distracting?
  • Have you communicated your message clearly and concisely?
  • Can you ask a colleague to critique your design?
  • Have you checked for accessibility issues?

Once you are happy with your content it is time to prepare it for delivery and release it to your audience.


We hope you have enjoyed this Learning X and have found it useful. Please do come back to the resources we have provided and feel free to use our stepping stones approach when designing or redesigning your content in the future.

There will be a short Q&A session next week in the EduZone 2.0 channel to carry on the discussion and respond to any questions we have gained (University of Dundee staff only).

Ask us your questions and provide us with feedback anonymously via this mentimeter (<5 mins).

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