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Setting up an assignment in Turnitin

Updated August 2018 to reflect recent changes.  Turnitin is a service that enables staff to create an electronic dropbox for assignments (formative or summative), to check work for similarity to other work, and to enable online marking and feedback for students. It is integrated into both MyDundee and Moodle. Though these notes cover the use of Turnitin in MyDundee (Blackboard) the options available in Moodle are generally the same, though the interface may look a little different. Adding an Assignment If you can’t see the dark grey boxes, make sure that Edit is set to On. You also need to be enrolled on the course as an instructor to add Turnitin assignments, rather than having admin rights to see a module. Make sure you select Turnitin Direct Assignment, not Assignment. Assignment Details Assessment Name. You can use the instructions for information specific to this assignment (e.g. if you want students to use their matric numbers as the name of the work when they upload it) Submission Method. In most cases, you will want a file upload, rather than getting students to paste text in. Pre-selecting file upload makes it easier for them. Overall Grade. If you are using the 23 point alphanumeric scale, then put 23 in. If you are using Turnitin for formative work, or dissertation similarity checking, then you may wish to use 0. Note:  If you are using multiple...

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Qwickly JOT assignment

Qwickly Jot is an assignment tool available in My Dundee. Using Qwickly Jot you can create assignments with diagrams, charts, maps and more for students to write on directly in Blackboard. This type of assignment isn’t marked by the tool – it’s one that the lecturer has to mark. Qwickly have developed this  video  to demonstrate what could be done. [Video starts part way through – the first section is how to install the app for...

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My Dundee upgrade: Improvements to Turnitin integration.

At the same time as upgrading the main Blackboard set of tools, we also upgraded the integration that we have between My Dundee and Turnitin. The key improvement for staff is that we now have the ability for staff (not students) to see a list of all of the Turnitin submission points in all Modules in a single location. In order to do this, go to Course Tools in the Course management section, and look for Turnitin Direct Assignments. Click it, and you’ll see a page with all of your current assignments, in that particular module. If you have many, there’s even a search box to help you find...

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Blackboard assignments: New Box View

This covers aspects of marking work that was submitted via Blackboard’s assignment tool. As well as some differences in the way that staff can add comments to work, the new view also supports a greater range of file types – though note that if you also want to use Safe Assign for similarity checking, the range of file types remains similar to before. Important: In order for students to see their feedback, staff have to add a mark. It’s not possible to give feedback (visible by students) without also giving the work a mark.  In order to ensure that this works, you will have to have 3rd party cookies enabled. Most users already have them enabled, however, if you try to use the annotation tool, and you get a white screen, you’ll need to enable 3rd party cookies. At present, there are some features that were available in Crocodoc that are not yet available in the New Box View. Box are, however, working with Blackboard to bring in these features, though no time scales are currently available. Additional Information. Blackboard’s Guide Reading University Guide (.pdf) Reading University Guide (web...

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Accidentally created an extra part in Turnitin?

It can be very easy to accidentally create a 2nd part in Turnitin – the impact can be a very worrying for staff, as it looks as if all your students have failed! If you look at the top, you’ll see a 2nd tab labelled Part 2. Click on the pencil, and then delete the 2nd part – make sure you select the correct...

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