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QAA Annual Conference 2021 – Quality, Resilience, Innovation and Enhancement

Universities have shown themselves to be flexible and resilient over the past year, and we should learn from this as we come out of the pandemic and look to our learning and teaching going forward. We need to help students make better choices when faced with the pressures of studying by providing the right support, and not creating a catastrophe from making the wrong decision….

YuJa issue – direct link not working with SSO

There is a current issue that we are working with YuJa to resolve. If you try to access YuJa directly from the link, you will see an error message when you try to log in using Single Sign On. This error only occurs when you access YuJa via the direct link. If you go…

Support role fully functional

At the beginning of the 20/21 academic year, there was a new course role created called ‘Support’. This role has all of the same permissions as the instructor role, but can be used by support staff (such as school administrators, librarians, and staff from student services) in the module. This was created to help minimise student…

What is the Preview User account?

When you enrol your colleagues on modules, you may have noticed that sometimes a ‘_PreviewUser’ account shows up in the list of users you can enrol. What is it? The ‘_PreviewUser’ account gets created in the My Dundee system automatically the first time an instructor clicks on the ‘Student Preview’ button in an Ultra module….

Known issue- scheduling Collaborate for end of March

We have had an issue reported where if a user tries to schedule a Collaborate session the 29th, 30th, or 31st of March, then the date box changes the date automatically to the 28th of March.  We contacted Blackboard about this, and they have confirmed that this is a known issue they are working on…

Resolved – Audio issues in Collaborate breakout rooms

Update:  As of 2/2/21, Blackboard has released a fix for this issue.  There have been a couple of reported cases of audio issues in Collaborate breakout rooms. When this happens, the audio is completely disabled in a subset of breakout room (some but not all rooms will be affected). Blackboard have confirmed that this is…

Resolved – Turnitin – Intermittent service disruption

Update – as this was not a specific Turnitin issue, their website doesn’t have any updates on service degradation; however, the downtime issues that were more broadly experienced have been resolved. We have had a few reports that some users are experiencing errors when trying to use Turnitin in the past hour (12/1/20 16:00 GMT)….

Using Blackboard Journals

It has recently come to our attention that Blackboard Journals don’t currently support more than 50 users (including enrolled staff members).  If you are currently using Journals and have more than 50 users on your course, please contact Help4U and include ‘FAO CTIL’. If you haven’t yet decided on a Journal tool, please look at…