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Author: Hamish Loveday

Reminder: My Dundee Scheduled Downtime (23rd-27th July)

Just a wee reminder of the scheduled downtime of My Dundee, starting the 23rd July and lasting until the 27th. The service will be taken offline early on Monday morning and user will not be able to access it until the afternoon of the 27th. This is so we can upgrade Blackboard (the service My Dundee is based on) to the Q4 2017 release (click here for details). Users should be aware that as with all scheduled downtime, the service will be considered ‘at-risk’ for the week after the 27th, though we don’t anticipate any issues to arise from this routine upgrade. Any questions? Contact...

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Understanding Non-Standard Modules and Enrollment Rules

A big part of implementing our new module creation process is sorting through the tangle of legacy processes and requirements that have built up over the years in Blackboard so we can have a more efficient, ordered platform. In this post I’m going to talk about non-standard modules, enrolment rules and how we’re handling them this year. This is useful for anyone who needs to understand how their modules are created in Blackboard and how students are enrolled, especially if your module has any kind of special enrolment requirements. Standard Modules? The goal for our new course creation process...

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Important: New Module Creation Process

This summer, CTIL will implement a new process for creating modules in Blackboard (My Dundee) as a first step in a series of planned improvements to how we manage our digital education services. The old manual method will make way for an automated one that works on the basic principle of ‘If it’s in SITS, then it will appear in Blackboard, whatever the time of year’. This change will have implications to instructors so read on to get the full picture. What’s changing? IT have developed a process that creates modules in Blackboard based on the information entered SITS....

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(Resolved) Issue taking Questionmark OnDemand tests on My Dundee

Update 28/02/2018: This issue has now been resolved and Questionmark tests are running again. Users have reported an issue when access Questionmark OnDemand tests on My Dundee. Effected students receive a message saying “Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred, please try again”. This issue has been reported to UoD IT who will work with the vendor to find a resolution asap. We will issue further guidance and information once we know...

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Questionmark OnDemand Issue (resolved)

Update (21/02/2018): This has been resolved. We are working with the vendor to identify the cause in order to improve future stability. Update (20/02/2018): This has been declared an major incident by UoD IT. You can follow the issue on the IT Blog. We’re experiencing issues with the Questionmark OnDemand service affecting users taking a ‘second attempt’ at a formative assessment.  This issue appeared over the weekend and we are in touch with the vendor trying to discover the root cause of this issue. If you are experiencing issues when taking subsequent attempts, please let us know at We’d appreciate that you double check that you are not experiencing 3rd party cookie issues before reporting – Questionmark OnDemand requires users to have third party cookies enabled to function. We’ll update this message when we have more...

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