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Academic Integrity event.

On Friday 9th Feb, Dundee played host to one of 3 Academic Integrity roadshows run by Turnitin. The day focussed on contract cheating, a phrase coined by Lancaster and Clarke.

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Turnitin – Academic Integrity Day.

Turnitin’s annual User Summit was held on October 19th in Newcastle. They have noted that they are trying to address more of the needs of UK HE, and the keynote was by Kerr Gardiner , discussing the main themes from his consultation with a range of UK Universities (including Dundee).  Then followed the obligatory technical presentation, on the directions that Turnitin are taking. This addressed most of Kerr’s points, which looks like potentially many of the things we’d like (such as more flexibility for different workflows) are on the horizon. I, and others, are hopeful that these things will appear in the...

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