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Decommissioning of Panopto Service

As previously announced, Panopto is being decommissioned in favour of our new Video service: YuJa. We had already removed access to Panopto (30/08/2019) and the service will now be closed completely on 19/10/2019. This should not affect any users as they should already have moved to YuJa, so this notice is just for information….

Important: Turnitin, My Dundee and Notifications 

What’s the issue? Students and Staff are receiving false or misleading notifications about Turnitin assignments. These notifications are being generated from two different scenarios: Old, long past the post date, assignments from old modules. Resit assignments that were only intended for a select few students, yet are issuing notifications to all enrolled students. This has…

New video service + retirement of Panopto and Kaltura

After a recent procurement process we are pleased to announce the implementation of a new video service called Yuja. This service will be made available for the start of the new academic year, providing an easy way to record, edit, manage and distribute video assets for education. With the arrival of Yuja, we will be…

Announcing the retirement of Panopto and Kaltura

With the introduction of Yuja as our new video service, Panopto (pilot) and Kaltura will be retired.  It is important for existing users of these services to understand how we are managing these retirements and what will happen to any content you may have stored in them. Summary Date Action Notes 16/08/2019 Deadline for users…

Activity Stream not loading properly on My Dundee

Some users have been continuing to experience a problem where the Activity Stream page does not load properly on My Dundee. This issue will be resolved in a future release from Blackboard, planned for early August. What’s happening? This issue occurs when you try to open the Activity Stream on My Dundee; the page tries…

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