Welcome to Design your Content

Animated graphic. Text version provided below.


Welcome to Design your Content. In this Learning X series, we will be taking you through the principles of design in the context of creating content and media for education. You will start with a topic in mind and work on designing or redesigning a piece of content based on this topic as you work through the week. In a couple of week’s time we will be having a follow-up session where you’ll get your chance to ask us questions and discuss your thoughts.

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1: Getting Started

Determine your Topic

To get started you need to determine the topic that you are going to be working with during this series. You may already have a topic in mind, or you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Choose a topic that may be difficult to teach and use this guide to create brand new material on the subject.
  2. Revisit material you have already made and use this guide to check, improve or redesign your content.
  3. Choose our example (below) – ‘Design a welcome infographic/poster for your module’.

Design your Content – Welcome Poster

The poster below was created specifically for this Learning X series using a tool we all have access to – Microsoft PowerPoint. It introduces the topic, the instructors and dates using a simple graphic style. We will be using this as an example throughout to show you how the design principles can be applied at each stage. Can you design something similar to introduce your students to your module?

Design your Content Poster

Text Only Version (Word Doc)


Steppingstone – Day 1: Determine your Topic

Once you have determined your topic, think about the format of your content. Are you creating a video, a recorded lecture, a poster, an infographic or something else? If you are adapting a lecture for blended learning, can you split this into a series of shorter videos? At this point you can gather your research and any existing material you can use (e.g. photographs or diagrams). Feel free to introduce yourself and let us know what you have decided to work on in the comments below.