Year: 2021

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4: Colour and Contrast

Summary Using colour consistently to develop your style and enhance your design. Ensuring accessible use of colour and contrast. Colour For most of us, colour can have different psychological associations; these can be dependent on context, culture and personal experiences. For example, the colour red can denote anger, pain, danger or conversely could symbolise love,…Continue Reading 4: Colour and Contrast

5: Fonts and Typefaces

Summary The importance of fonts – how they help and hinder your content. Fonts and readability/accessibility. Fonts and Typefaces Every day we are confronted with a variety of typefaces and lettering styles, whether it be public information on a noticeboard, an infographic while scrolling on your phone, or a chapter in a textbook. As a…Continue Reading 5: Fonts and Typefaces

7: Conclusion

Final Steps Steppingstones – Day 7: Final Steps At this point you may have a draft piece of content, a finished design or you may still want to refine your ideas. Once you have a solid design plan or a first draft you can review what you have created to avoid any mishaps later. Often…Continue Reading 7: Conclusion

4: Teaching Materials and Resources

For many staff, a significant part of the preparation for teaching is preparing content – whether that’s pre-recorded videos,  resource lists compiled primarily from library material, material staff have created themselves or OER content that’s relevant. We’ll try to find some pointers to help ease this process, while ensuring the content is engaging….Continue Reading 4: Teaching Materials and Resources